Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maybelline Colossal Kajal Review

Having a Kajal that doesn't smudge or make you look like a raccoon with vengeance is a must have in every girl's purse!
 After years of trying out different kajals and kohl pencils, the Lord of all Kajal's is here!
Image Courtesy: Google Images
Unlike their previous black retractable kajal, Unstoppable, The Colossal Kajal really lives up to its name! The in-your-face yellow and black packaging is pretty cute too! The unstoppable didn't have as much pigment as the Colossal and it also required a lot more effort to get an opaque colour on your lower lid! If you would want to use it as your eyeliner, it would require you to go over the same line over and over again! On the flip side, the Colossal is such that will give you strong and highly pigmented eyeliner effect as well as well defined seductive lower lids.
The top swatch is The Unstoppable and the one below is The Colossal... do you see what I mean!!!

 The Colossal Kajal glides on smoothly and is very soft on the eyes!
If you absolutely love to line your water line with Kajal on a daily basis, this is your best option! And as a bonus, it even doubles up as an eyeliner! At only Rs.150, it is very inexpensive. And the result is sensational! This one will definitely stay in my make up bag always!!!

Ps: is listing The Colossal Kajal for Rs. 137!!! You can buy it here!!!


  1. oooh!!! it's so that about it. but i am sucker for a good deal. thanks for letting us know where you get it on offer. helps alot :)

  2. Surething! will post as and when possible!!!

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