Saturday, December 24, 2011

Deborah Milano Sense Tech Matte Nail Polish Review

Up until now I had only seen Matte nail polishes on YouTube on foreign beauty channels! I longed for the day I would get to buy Matte Nail Polish.The other day, while randomly surfing GoodLife.Com, I stumbled upon this!

This is the Deborah Milano Sense Tech Matte Nail Polish #10.

They Say: 
It is a 100% Matte Nail Polish. Gives a Velvet Effect (Effetto Velluto, love how that sounds!!!)

I Say:
Thanks for making my dream come true. This stuff dries in 30 seconds flat. And they don't even advertise it that way!!!

I bought this for Rs.250 or $5.00 (Approx) from GoodLife.Com! And they sent it to me by Blue Dart in 24 hours flat! How cool are they!!! And no shipping fees! I hate shipping fees!

It says on the bottle to apply it on plain nails only! So one can't use it on base coat! Here, I have applied just one coat! See how shiny it is when it is first applied! I swear I was frowning. You don't expect that from a Matte Nail Polish!

I somehow like any colour on the spectrum of blue! So I liked how the colour looked though!!!

And then I might have just blinked for a second or two and it suddenly turned into a gorgeous matte finish! All in a matter of seconds!!!

In the picture above, I have just applied one coat of the polish! And I am surprised at how opaque it is! It is also scratchproof! I tried scratching it off with my nails and I couldn't see any scratches! The finish was just the way it was: Matte and Fabulous!!!

Would you give this a try???

Yours Mattifying-ly,



  1. wow this colour is nice^^ i think i got a similar colour..

  2. @Mi_Mi: Thank you! Don't you just love blue too!!!

  3. awesome color and very nice clicks


  4. I love the shade a lot! lovely nails you have! i cant take so much care you know ! :p following you now! :)

  5. @Sweet And Bitter: Thanks darling!!!

    @Klaudia B: Thanks for stopping by... You have an amazing blog too!!

    @Manya: I really don't take of them much! Just file them once in a while and never forget base coat!!!