Monday, December 26, 2011

Angel From The Skies Nail Tutorial

How I wish I could be an angel!!! But I'm as human as you!
So I thought I would make one on my nails!!!

 I started off with applying Jordana Nail Lengthener as base coat.

Then I applied two coats each of Turquoise Blue # 68 from Nail Juice on my index, middle and little finger. I applied two coats of Snow White #177 from Street Wear on my ring finger to creat a white back ground for my Angel!

After which I painted out the Angel's face and neck Maybelline Colorama in Beige Natural.

I also added the angel's blonde hair with some random yellow nail polish!!!

Using Ron Xin Nail Art Pen in Black, I drew out the out line for the Angel's hair and face. I also added her eyebrows and smile.

I applied two tiny dots of the same Turquoise Blue from Nail Juice for her eyes and also drew out her halo.

And I added the clouds on the other nails with Rong Xin Nail Art Pen in white. I finished off the nail look with Maybelline Colorama Brillo as Top Coat.

And that is all this was about!!! Hope you liked it!

Yours till you believe in Angels...



  1. Wow..neatly you dawn angel..Loved those clouds also :)

  2. Thanks Siri, wow you have a pretty name! Welcome to my blog!

  3. That is so cute! I'm guessing that nail lengthening polish really works! Look at those nails, I can never get mine like that in a bajillion years!

  4. Oh yeah!!! I'm running out of it though! Just file your nails to your desired shape and don't cut them at all! Your nails would be longer than mine!!!

  5. so cute !! the clouds u made r perfect !!! d angel is lyk cherry on top of a cake :)

  6. Thank you ever so kindly Riddhi!

  7. awesome!!!! super liked it!!!!

    i loved beige natural so much that i finished it and now its out of stock :(


  8. @Sweet And Bitter: Thanks Darling! Maybe I should use Beige Natural sparingly then!!!

    @Emm: Thanks!!!