Tuesday, December 13, 2011

10 Things To Buy Under Rs.100 Each

Got 100 bucks for beauty??? Here's what you can buy:

1) Biotique Fruit Whitening Lip Balm Rs. 90

They say: 

This de-pigmentation balm visibly lightens lips for a fairer skin tone.
Lightens & Evens-out Lip Tones.  

I say:

Well, It works! I observed that my lips felt soft and nourished as well! I've been using this stuff for about 2 weeks and let's see how it does over a month. But I just love the feel of this on my lips! Plus it's completely natural and herbal like all Biotique stuff!!!
And that's how it looks:

You can buy it here from Cosmetix.in!  

2) Garnier Skin Naturals Body Coccoon Rs. 90 for 125 ml

They Say:
If your skin feels dry, rough, flaky, tight and you want a moisturising body lotion that will soothe and restore the skin's suppleness leaving it feeling unbelievably soft. 

I Say:
I've been a fan of this since time immemorial. And hence I have included it in this post. The fragrance of this will leave the best of the men mesmerised! And the feel of the creamy goodness is absolute bliss!!!
Buy it even if you don't have dry skin! I have normal skin and wear this every day after a hot bath! 

3) FACES Cerulean Nail Polish Rs. 99

This is a new brand launched in India. Their Flagship store in Mumbai is at Infinity Mall, Malad, Mumbai. And this nail polish is the first thing I bought!

Cerulean as it's called is a luscious blue with hints of green! It suits any and every skin colour. Here I'm wearing it on my toe nails!

4) Rong Xin Nail Art Pen Rs.90

This one is the first thing that every nail art enthusiast should have. It has a micro tip pen and that opens up into a striper brush as shown in the picture. I used that to make the waves on my big toe. The middle barrel is contains nail polish.The colour is strong and shows up even on the darkest polishes.
It is available in a range of colours from plain matte colours to shiny metallic ones. I bought mine from The New Beauty Centre in Bandra, Mumbai.

5) Rhinestones From E-bay. Rs. 45 or $1!!!

I was surprised to have this delivered home and still pay Rs.45 only!
You can not only use this on your nails but also on your face with some lash glue! I'm thinking of a post on the many uses of rhinestones and other rhinestone design ideas so watch out for that!!! You can buy this on Ebay.com following this link!

6) Basicare Eyeshadow Brush Rs.95

They say:
Made of soft nylon bristles, Basicare Eyeshadow Brush works up for precise and subtle application. It is perfect for contouring, shaping and blending of eyeshadow colours. It can be used with cream or powder eyeshadow. Use mild soapy water for cleaning the supple bristles and allow to dry naturally.

I say:
This is a great alternative for expensive brushes! If you use more of powder eyeshadow than cream eyeshadow then you can easily switch between colours as the colour comes off the brush very easily!!!
It's a multi-purpose brush and for that price, it's a steal!!!

7) Kara Makeup Removal Wipes - Seaweed & Lavender(25 wipes) Rs. 90

They Say:
These wipes are made of Birla CelluloseTM, a fibre that is 100% natural and biodegradable and are completely safe on skin. Pure Lavender extracts help you cleanse face and neck and leaves a relaxing effect. Seaweed extract revitalizes and nourishes the skin making it soft and supple. Dermatologically safe. For that just out-from-shower look!

I Say:
For someone who wears make up every day, one needs have this in their bag at all times! I love the feel of the wipe on my face and also love it's fragrance, It makes me feel beautiful! It's the best time saving and no-fuss way to remove your make up. With this, you may never revert to your oily, creamy or foul smelling make up remover again.

8) Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick for Rs. 100

They Say:
A blast of color with the punch of cocoa. Available in 25 trendy shades, the intense moisturizing core protects your lips.

I Say:
A lipstick which is so cute only for Rs.100, Thank you Elle 18! I have loved Elle 18  since I was a child. What I also like about them is that they have always been affordable!
The shade shown above is 08- Pomegranite Pie. And it smells like bubble gum. 

You can buy it here for Rs. 95 only from Cosmetix.in

9) Vega Eye Smudger Rs. 60

They Say:
To create soft liner color for a smoky effect. Start with powder cake liner or pencil and follow with this firm PVC foam eraser-like tip to smudge off excess to create the smoky look desired. Professional size sponge tip.

I Say:
Well for Rs. 60, this is a steal and it's the perfect tool for wearing an understated smoky look to work. Just dip it in some cake eyeliner or gel eyeliner and smudge it across your upper and lower lash line. Top it up with some mascara and line your waterline with some kajal and you are good to go!

10) Elle 18 Blackout Liner Rs. 65

They Say:
Jet black and water-resistant eyeliner juiced-up with rose water.

I Say:
Aren't you the best eyeliner ever??? Now this is not waterproof. And I'm not a fan of water proof make up because it is so difficult to get off. I'd wear waterproof makeup only when it's raining. Coming back to this little baby in the cutest bottle ever, I'm glad they are selling this! I have worn it every day for atleast a month and there is still a lot left in there. The brush is the thinnest ever and you can customise your liner size because of this. Whether you want a winged eyeliner look or a slim line just to define your eyes or even the goth look... this one promises and delivers that solid black look you need from an eyeliner!!!

Here, I am also wearing Lakme Eyeshadow. It's the Green colour from their Peacock Quad!


I have been reading Cosmopolitan forever... even when I was not supposed to as a child!!! But then a magazine that is officially the ultimate girl guide, which girl wouldn't be a fan? The issue in the picture above is The Beauty Issue and that is why it is featured here. And it is for Rs. 100!!!

And that's all that this post was about!

I hope you enjoyed reading it and I will look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Till then,

Stay Pretty!!!

Love And Rockets,



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  3. @Fatima: Thanks sweety!
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  4. Hi Suhani, those are some great reviews. you look so vibrant and fun, it reflects in your posts too. looking forward to more. have a gorgeous day :)

  5. Love the way you've put this post together! So fun! Yayie!
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  6. @Coral Crue: Thanks for such a nice comment! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!
    @thePURPLEspirit: Thanks for stopping by! Lemme now how the Biotique balm works out for you! I must tell you, it is highly pigmented! So it doubles up as a lipcolour as well! And I am just a freak for multi-purpose products!!!!

  7. Rs. wow where do you love?? cause in nepal...we also use Rs. but i love the collection and Rong Xin Nail Art Pen will be looking for it..

  8. @Mi_Mi: I live in Mumbai, India. Are you from Nepal???

  9. it was a lovely post and I love your picks

  10. @Sahar Awan: Thanks! I appreciate it!

  11. These products are really worth and affordable too..Thanks for sharing! From these mostly i like Garnier products and Kara wipes...

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