Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year Nails (Tutorial)

Here's a tutorial on what may be my last nail art design for 2011!!!

Start off with clean nails and apply Base Coat. I used Jordana Nail Lengthener. Wait for it to completely dry. Then apply 2 coats of any whitish-golden nail polish or silver glitter polish.
Here I used Celin Paris's # 05.

This is what it should look like:


You can also use a silver toned nail polish like Maybelline Colorama Glitter Prata.

Wait for this to completely dry. Then use a make-up sponge like so:

And smear some Pink Glitter Nail Polish on it. The nail polish I am using here is called Shine Divine from Nail Trend, which I bought from Reliance Trends/Timeout!!!

And it should look like:

Now wait for this to completely dry as well! And then apply a generous coat of Top Coat. I'm using my favourite Maybelline Colorama Brillo.

And now it is time for the rhinestones. The ones I'm using are square rhinestones. You can get an equally interesting look with the regular round rhinestones!!!

 Now, I will be sticking some rhinestones! So to pick them up to apply on your nails, dip a clean cotton bud in water. And just touch it to the top of the rhinestone. You will see that the wet cotton bud will act as your own DIY Rhinestone Pick Up Tool.
Pick up the rhinestones one by one and lay them on your nail in your desired design while the top coat is still wet! You can apply as much top coat as you see fit but just be careful that you get a clean finish.
I wanted to welcome the new year, so I have a digital blingy rhinestone "2" which looks like:

And my completed nail art design looks like:

And I just stuck some random rhinestones on my thumb nail!
And that's all that this was about:

So hope you like it!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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Have Fun this 31st!!!

Yours till you go for a New Years Party,



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  2. Thanks Aisha...!!! You made my day!!!

  3. hey thats nice!! happy new year to u!!!

  4. wow soo pretty and i love the faded bit^^ and hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year..

  5. @Kejal: Thanks for stopping by!!!

    @Indian Beauty Central: And the same to you as well!!! Thanks!!!

    @Mi_Mi: I did have a great Christmas and I'm looking forward to an isane year ahead!!! Happy New Year darling Mi_Mi!!!

  6. Its much prettier than the polish art for nails that i have seen yet and shows the beauty in a good way as well. Good one art work is shown here.

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