Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Nails (Tutorial)

Just 4 more days and it's Christmas! Everything around you is going to be red and green soon! And yeah I somehow always disliked the man pretending to be Santa. So I decided, I'll have my own Santa  x 5 On My Nails!!!

Wanna see how??? You will need:
1. Base Coat

Here I am using Jordana Nail Lengthener as my base coat. I don't remember the last time I wore nail polish without base coat! Maybe when I was in school! I don't intend on sounding vain, but then base coat really helps you protect your nails and also makes them stronger! So apply one coat of this!

2. Nail Polish And Top Coat

For this tutorial, I am using Maybelline Colorama #40 in Graus! Apply about 2 coats of Graus. Make sure your polish is even for a finished look.

 Before you proceed to the next step, wait for Graus to completely dry out to prevent a literally bloody mess on your nails!!!

And once our design is done, towards the extreme end of the tutorial, we will need to seal it in with Top Coat. I'm using Maybelline's Brillo!

3. Time to bring in The Merry Boys : Santa Nail Stickers

Now if you are artistically adventurous, you can make these designs with a dotting tool, nail art brush and acrylic paints. I found these cute stickers that make life so much easier! I bought them from The New Beauty Centre, Bandra, and they just cost Rs. 40!

4. Faces Rhinestone Tweezers

If you thought that tweezers only pluck out hair then think again. Tweezers are very useful in nail art too. Here I used tweezers to neatly take out the Nail Stickers and place them on to my nails for an even flat finish!

Now carefully take out the stickers one by one and stick them onto the desired part of your nail. I stuck them randomly wherever I felt like it!

 5. Rong Xin Nail Art Pen

What's Christmas without snow??? Use the Nail Art Pen to make tiny dots resembling snowflakes! You can also use a white nail polish. Simply take a drop of nail polish on a paper and make the dots using a dotting tool or a tooth-pick!

And finish off with Maybelline Brillo or any top coat of your choice! And that's it! Enjoy your nails!

And that's all that this was about:

Merry Christmas!

 Yours till they celebrate Christmas!



  1. very pretty

    btw same pinch --- have the exact same tweezers

  2. Aww your nails look so cheery! Love the happy little santas. :)

  3. beautiful!!!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!

  4. @Sweet And Bitter: Same pinch :)I love FACES! They have such good quality and affordable products!!!

    @Nisha: Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet a fellow blogger from Mumbai

    @Sabrina: I'm just starting out. I appreciate your support! You blog makes me wanna pack my bags and hop on to the first plane to Rome!!!

  5. Oh my goodness! The smiley Santas are sooo adorable!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  6. Ohhh your nails look amazing! Are they your real nails!? So cute! Thanks very much for your comment on my blog hun. Im following you :-) xxx

  7. OMG!! These different colour cut-out hearts are so beautiful!!!
    When i saw ur blog for the first tym, i thought dis iz sm firangi blog! Everythin is so well-coordinated and neat.
    i need to learn so much from u gal!!!

  8. @Brunettes v/s Style: I still have a lot of santa's left for your nails!!!

    @Meaw: Yes those are my real nails! I love having long nails!!!

    @Va: Your comment made my day! Thanks darling!!!

  9. PS: Check out my sister's blog : The aforementioned Brunettes V/s Style at

  10. Graus is the best red shade around!(According to me of course:D)

    Those santa's are adorable:)

  11. wow stunning i love your nail^^..would love to try have made it look really easy^^

  12. @Emm: I feel it's the colour of the season!!! It looks good on every skin tone!! Thanks for stopping by Emm!

    @Mi_Mi: well it is very easy, seriously! Let me know how it works out for you!!!

  13. cute nail art stickers :)

  14. this is lovely...........i am following u if u like it follow me back.........