Monday, December 26, 2011

Nail Art/ Nail Polish Protection Clip Tips

I was randomly surfing on and came across this...

Wondering what it is? They are called Nail Art / Polish Protection Clip Tips

Pretty cool huh! I bought them for $3.00 or Rs. 150.00 Approx. It took about 30 days to arrive. I think it is a super cool gadget especially when you have several coats of nail polish on and you need to get on with life without ruining your nail art! It really helps protect your design and prevents smudging and smearing! I personally have nail polish stains on my cellphone and laptop... not that I mind it! Something like this prevents such mishaps! I bought it here but unfortunately they do not ship to India anymore. I'm sure there maybe other sellers who may be sending it to India with free shipping, of course!

Hope you liked it???

Yours till you love your nails!



  1. Oooh! I saw this on a Singapore youtube channel! They look very useful. :D

  2. Wow thats sooper cool.. but does it hurt?
    n btw thanks for stopping by :) ur very talented.. loved ur nail art tuts.. following ur blog now :)

  3. super loved many times i end up reapplying nail polish because i destroy it...will search this in ebay...

  4. @Nisha: I am surprised to get your comment just 2 mins after I published this post! You made my day!!! They are very useful and affordable!!!

    @Rekha: It doesn't hurt as the spring is set very loosely. Try it out! Thanks for following!

    @Sweet And Bitter: Do search and tell me how it works out! When you search on Ebay, make sure you are on and not on Once you are on, ensure that you hit Free Shipping and Worldwide on all searches! You will get some super cool deals!!!

  5. Great product these are stunning..aa what else will they think of next..and great they look great...

  6. these look really cute! <3

    following you as Divassence!

    Love your blog! Awesome tutorials! Loved going through your posts!


  7. hey i have nominated you for the versatile blogger
    check it out here

  8. Haha..first i had been like what these are..yaa..they are really useful

    BTW even i have one award to give you.Please do check my blog

  9. that's some innovation..thnx for sharing..

  10. Hey! dey luk soooper cute n vry girlie!!! heheheeee

  11. @Mi_Mi: I wonder what else they will think of next too...!!!

    @Girlie Blogger: Thanks!

    @Divassence: Thanks!!!

    @Make up Chic and Siri: Thanks girls! It means a lot to me!!!

    @Few Unnecessary Stuff: You're Welcome!

    @Va: Yes they do!!!