Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Konad Stamping Nail Art - Promotion Kit Review

Hello Girls,

I've seen so many YouTube videos on Konad products and didn't find them anywhere in Mumbai. The closest I ever got was a cheap replication, which frankly was of no good whatsoever. So I literally freaked out when I saw The Konad Stamping Nail Art - Promotion Kit on is the most amazing Indian cosmetic website ever!!! They delivered the product to me within 24 hours! I am insanely in love!!!

I pounced on the 33% discount offer they had with this product and honestly I am not regretting my decision. I absolutely love this product. It is so easy to get uniform patterns on your nails. lists its special features as:
1. Anybody can decorate nails at home.
2. Save time and money.
3. Decorate delicate designs by stamping.

Now all of the above is true. I know a lot of girls who just can't get their heads around nail art. They always say, "Oh your nails are pretty... I wish I could do it!". Well, I sincerely urge you to give this kit a try.

The kit contains:
1 Image plate with 4 motifs

1 Stamping Mini Pen with a small bottle of white nail polish in it (I must say their product engineering is very dexterous.) The Mini Pen also doubles up as a bonus scrapper. So this little thing is 3-in-1!

1 Scrapper

Cost of the kit is just Rs. 200 ($4 Approx) 


Very compact packaging
Easy to use
It has two butterfly motifs, a big one and a small one and I love Butterflies!!! And 2 floral motifs!

Well the nail polish bottle is too small! Yeah, I'm greedy!!! Though it will work just as fine with any other nail polish.

So, this kit will give you plenty of room to explore your creativity and foray into the magical world of Nail Art!!! You can also use it to decorate any surface you want like your cellphone, earphones, make-up palletes etc etc. Go buy it here!!!

And I will see you guys soon with more pictures!

Love and Butterflies,


  1. wow pretty nails...i love the pattern..

  2. Thanks Mi_Mi! I love anything to do with butterflies!!!

  3. what nail polish can i use instead of konad special nail polish plzzz help me

  4. Its good to see the art like it for nails and have a good impression too . I love to go with it always and have got the same here too.

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