Thursday, December 15, 2011

Green and Blue Rhinestone Eye Look

I always feel that we live in a concrete jungle... where green is vanishing. I decided to bring in some of my own. And club it with my favourite colour... Blue.

How Did I do it?

I used Ben Nye Chinois Matte Foundation used as an eye base.
Then put a wash of Green from Lakme Eye Quartet in Peacock.
Lined Outer V area with Blue from the same Eye Quartet.
Blended both colours with Basicare Eyeshadow Brush..
Then I put on a thin layer of Ben Nye Beige Suede Visage Poudre around the eyes.
Took out Rhinestones from the wheel and laid them flat on the table/workspace.
Made one stripe of lash glue over the eyeshadow.
and then stuck rhinestones using a wet cotton bud.
Then repeated process to cover the entire lid in rhinestones.
Here I have used lemony green rhinestones, green rhinestones and light blue rhinestones.
Then I stuck some false Eye Lashes from E-bay.
Blended real and false lashes with Maybelline The Hypercurl Volum Express Mascara.
Applied Gold High Light from Maybelline Eye Studio in Copper Brown.
And lastly applied Kajal and clicked a picture for you guys.

So will you give this look a chance???

Yours till there are waterfalls...



  1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog (The Girlie Blog) and leaving such sweet comments. I've followed you. Hope to read more from your blog.

  2. wow this looks is amazing and i love the gems...but does it hurt when you blink? but really pretty...amazing

  3. @Girlie Blogger: Your blog deserved it!! I stop by it very frequently!!!
    @Mi_Mi: No darling, it doesn't hurt! xx

  4. Looking good with such makeup for eyes and also sweet.Giving you a better and good look by this way as well. Keep sharing with us.

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